Live! Learn! Play!

Liquid Marin has both a brick and mortar and online store offering home furnishings, rugs, gifts, small appliances and electronics, contemporary fashion, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children all at Fabulous Prices!

In order to create an inspired lifestyle we curate a diverse selection of moderately priced merchandise and brands. We carry a little bit of everything and choose our product based not only on the essentials we all need but also on what inspires us to dream, imagine, be creative, and making the every day, something special…EVERY DAY!

Our mission is to be an integral part of our community by offering the best products at the best prices, and by being involved in local events as well as hosting events and workshops with artists and instructors who share our philosophy that giving back is the best way to live.

Our brick & mortar store is located in Corte Madera, California.
Come and shop, save some money, stay awhile! If you prefer our online store, well – you found us!

The Liquid Marin Team is second to none. We do it all with a small, cohesive team that manages marketing, management, event coordination, buying, retails sales, web sales…you get the picture.


Some people have a good sense of business, they understand logic and success. Others are more emotionally driven and understand and care about people. It’s rare to find someone who can balance head and heart, and that is Melissa McLane.

With Melissa’s business savvy sense she has been able to create a vision, articulate that vision, own it and drive it to success all while being a genuine person and making a lasting impression on everyone she does business with.  Her ambition and serial entrepreneur spirit has led her to be the owner and operator of more than five successful businesses within the last 15 years.

At a young age, as an employee for Esprit, Melissa saw a great business opportunity and began purchasing the company’s excess inventory and selling it at various farmers’ markets and different locations that were available. This was so successful she decided to take it to the next level and that business has grown and morphed over the years into what we call “Liquid.” With two stores now open in Marin County, Melissa hopes to open 10 new stores in California and eventually even more spread around the United States.

Along with her accomplishments, she has also been met with challenges in her life, a major one was being diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant with her first child. Melissa endured a six-hour surgery that was needed to fight her cancer and awoke from the anesthesia to feel her unborn child moving inside of her. She and her baby survived that obstacle and she now is the proud mother of two children. When she is not working or spending time with her family, Melissa regularly participates in philanthropic events and activities in her community.

“We live in a world where there are so many obstacles and challenges to overcome. I believe the key to our success and overcoming those challenges lies in four critical factors; Great vendors, wonderful committed staff, amazing customers, and the support of family and friends. We at Liquid Marin work extremely hard. Our clients and customers stay loyal to us because it comes back to relationships and people.”

-Melissa McLane -Owner

Melissa’s successful business ventures combined with her charitable activities have helped connect people and made them feel inspired. She has learned, been cheered for, helped, challenged, laughed and built something people are proud to be connected to.

-Ally Dukkers


Shawna Perloff, our resident video personality and marketing manager, is the creative force behind the Deals of the Week videos.  If you haven’t seen her in your inbox, you’ve seen her around the store – her dedication to personally getting to know each and every Liquid Marin customer is legendary.

The Liquid Marin team consists of designers, salespeople, artists, and buyers dedicated to not only acquiring high quality items at a great value and providing excellent customer service, but also to creating a truly one-of-a-kind environment.  Whether we’re helping you pick the perfect outfit for that hard-won job interview or remembering to congratulate you when you come back, it’s all about personal connection here at Liquid Marin.

Upper Row – Left: Natalie Calder (photographer), Cindy Roberts (Team Player), Marie Jackler (Team Player), Terrie Baum (Bookkeeper), Shawna Perloff (Celebrity), Melissa McLane (Owner),  Chiara Calanchini (Buyer), Brenda Johnson (Team Player), Dave Parisse (Web Designer), Takoui Kechedjian (Logistics at Unishippers),

Bottom Row – Left: Jillian Corey (Online Store), Gregario Mex Holi (Facility), Phoebe Quinlan (Team Player), Rusty Dye (Team Leader), Claire Jodoin (Team Player), Lucie Duclos (Graphic Designer and Artist), Shanelle Thompson (Team Player)