About LIFT – Levántate

Why is LIFT – Levántate Needed?

LIFT – Levántate was initially founded to address the most challenging health and wellness issues confronting families in lower socioeconomic communities in our country. We utilize nutrition and physical activity educational programs from the USDA/Network for Healthy California Children’s Power Play! Campaign, one of the top ten programs worldwide to show significant results for fruit and vegetable consumption among children, as published in Preventive MedicineAn International Journal Devoted to Practice and Theory. Since family income has been shown to affect a child’s well being, children in poverty are more likely to experience health disparities. The seeds of chronic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are sown in childhood. Providing access to affordable, healthy food, preventing overweight and obesity and creating positive life style choices are critical steps in counteracting these deadly conditions. Optimal health for individuals can translate into healthier families and healthier, engaged, productive communities.

What does LIFT – Levántate Provide?

LIFT – Levántate provides a comprehensive model focusing on three different components, combining fitness, nutritional education and life skills – and incorporating the entire family into program.

LIFT – Levántate offers a program “without walls” – there are no barriers to participation.

LIFT – Levántate’s multi-lingual, multi-cultural services are free to low income children and families. Programs are delivered in local community settings, preventing transportation issues for families.

LIFT – Levántate is proud to be a program “of” the community by recruiting, developing and engaging the skills of local residents to work with children and families within their own neighborhoods.

LIFT – Levántate closely partners with dozens of local schools, public agencies and community organizations.

How does LIFT – Levántate Impact Children, Families and Communities?

LIFT – Levántate… Your Bodies! Fitness Activities are offered in non-competitive settings, including Zumba, Soul Chi, yoga, kick-boxing, guided hikes, cultural dancing and Girls Running Groups.

LIFT – Levántate… Your Nutrition! Nutrition Education is offered by LIFT – Levántate at partnering schools, organizations and large-scale events. LIFT – Levántate utilizes hands-on, project-based learning such as “Farm to Table” education, field trips, cooking classes, and “Teaching Gardens.”

LIFT – Levántate… Your Self Esteem! Life Skills are incorporated through mentoring and coaching, using proven youth development strategies.

LIFT – Levántate promotes social, emotional and moral competence, while fostering resilience, self-determination, a positive identity and a belief in one’s future.

LIFT – Levántate… Your Family! Parents and caregivers are given the information and tools they need to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

LIFT – Levántate provides Family Wellness Events, in which families prepare healthy meals and participate in fitness activities together, while parents learn how to model healthy behavior for their children.

LIFT – Levántate…The Community! Community Leadership is developed as teens and young adults from local neighborhoods act as Peer Leaders, empowering themselves to be positive role models and make a true difference in the lives of younger children.

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