Anacaria Myrrha – New Book

I’m excited and delighted to announce that my book, An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things that Really Matter to You, is in production. It is slated to be available from Amazon by December 1st. This moment has been a long time coming and many of you have been in my Cheering Section, cheering me on these past years. I thank you so very much for believing in the value of the work! Some of you have expressed a desire to give the book as a holiday gift. In appreciation, I will be offering a 5 x 7, high gloss print of the mandala artwork on the cover to anyone who orders in December. If you wish to receive one, just email your Amazon receipt to me and I will mail the print to you. As soon as the book becomes available, I will let you know. You can then order from a link on my web site, (which is being updated) or go directly to In the meantime, here is The Offering, which gives a short description of the chapters, and a list of The 8 Keys to Manifestation. Many Blessings, Anacaria

The Offering

What I am offering to you comes from what I have learned in over 30 years of practice as a professional organizer and a lifetime as a seeker of meaning. It is a process to get in touch  with what we are really here for – our life purpose – and to build a structure to support us in the expression of that purpose in the world.

Here is a little taste of the  chapters to whet your appetite.

Connecting with Source offers ways to connect with the Source
of our Life Force in order to receive guidance and support. It is essential to establish this step first so that, as we proceed, we will have access to the information needed to choose wisely, and the spiritual support to persevere.

Befriending the Dragons takes us to the realm of our treasure where we confront the critics and desperados who live there, those who undermine our commitment by terrorizing and annoying us. This is the place where we enlist auspicious forces and reclaim our power.

Laying the Foundation provides a process to identify our values, discover our life purpose, compose our intentions and clarify our priorities. The resulting spiritual container provides a safe harbor and the criteria for making informed decisions, on a daily basis, about what to keep and what not to keep, what to do and what to leave undone. This chapter also introduces us to the 8 Keys to Manifestation.

Creating Sacred Space. After we have created some order,clarity and blessing in our inner space, it is important to create order, beauty and blessing in our outer space. This chapter offers principles and support to bring those elements into our living spaces, and to make room for what awaits us.

Building Structure offers techniques to create systems of support as we work to fulfill our life purpose in a world of constant distraction, seduction and change.

Making Things Happen. Once we know what we are up to, this is how we get things done, including a realistic and humane schedule for both work and play.

Maintaining Support provides guidance for essential and compassionate self care, suggestions for maintaining relationships for mutual support, and techniques for maintaining our systems.

Remedies offers prescriptions for difficult times: when things are hard or when we simply don’t know what to do.

Healing the Heart offers insights into the acts of forgiveness and blessing – for clearing out our emotional clutter – and the freedom and grace we can experience through their practice.

Living Happily Ever After. And last, but not least, are some suggestions to further our quest for the proverbial life of happily ever after.

If you would like some help before or after the holidays, give me a call. I would be happy to work with you.


“I’m so appreciative and grateful for such a book. It came at exactly the right time, as things do when you trust, and have good friends.”

Carrie Vanderwagen, RN and Sound Healer