Holistic Coach – Kim Forcina

Kim Forcina is a Holistic Coach who works with her clients to develop new ways to approach self-empowerment, emotions and health. Kim also provides tools to create rejuvenation on all levels of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Her Guided Meditation and Sound Healings help deepen the connections to Inner Wisdom, which is the best place to create lasting change in one’s life. Kim is one of only 100 coaches to be trained and certified by Marci Shimoff to teach The Love Course and The Happiness Course, based on the best selling books Love for No Reason & Happy for No Reason. Kim has been studying and working with Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine for over 10 years and brings them into her sessions to support emotional release with her clients.

Special offer for Liquid Marin customers ~

Aura Balancing with Guided Meditation $100 (regularly $125)

~ In this session you will receive a personalized guided meditation to relieve stress and open your awareness of your body and emotions.  Kim also uses the healing energy in her hands to balance and smooth out the energy that is surrounding you.  These gentle journeys often feel as good as getting a full night’s rest and increase your sense of well-being.  You are welcome to record these sessions with your ipod, smart phone or laptop to replay at home.

Please mention LM0711 as your discount code when you are booking your session.  Limit one per customer.  Not valid with any other offer.

1930 4th Street, San Rafael
Suite #1