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Customer Testimonials

Matt, You are the only lawyer on my list as a recommendation. It’s good that the first lawyer I’ve every worked with was you. I went in having no idea what to expect and got the unexpected. A nice surpirse. Again, thank you.” -Beth, San Francisco

When life throws you curve balls, you hope Matt Wertheim is catching for you. In an already difficult situation emotionally and mentally, you can only hope that you have an attorney who knows the law and how to use it, fights for what is right, doesn’t give up, goes above and beyond, can guide you effectively and is compassionate to the situation. Matt Wertheim is a rare gem and one I would recommend to anyone.

“My daughter was pregnant and involved in a head on accident in Napa that caused her injuries and the unfortunate loss of her baby. As you can imagine, we were all devastated. My daughter was so distraught that she could not handle the process of picking a lawyer, meeting with a lawyer, etc. We were referred to Matt and all I can say is “thank god!” He was so easy to work with and ultimately got for my daughter an absolutely unexpected and fantastic settlement. We could not be happier with the work Matt did on behalf of my daughter.” -Denise in Napa

“My husband hired Matt Wertheim 15 years ago for a small auto accident case – and Matt did fine by us on that case. When his parents were involved in a much more complex auto case with my mother-in-law suffering a bad leg injury and infection, we called on Matt Wertheim & Associates to represent them. Matt came and visited both my in-laws while in the hospital and he immediately helped ease their fears when he explained the litigation process and his obvious familiarity with complicated issues. The case was resolved a few weeks before the trial after a mediation that got nowhere. Matt prepared for the trial, had great exhibits, and I have no doubt that we would have won at trial. My in-laws were not comfortable going to trial, and more importantly, the final settlement offer was so substantial that we did not need or want to “roll the dice.” Matt also represented my 23 year old daughter. It’s fair to say Matt Wertheim is our family attorney and he has done a fantastic job every time my family has needed him.” -Roberta in San Francisco