RockStar Juice Cleanse® Liquid Marin!!

RockStar Juice Cleanse® Liquid Marin!!

3 DAYS – Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Friday

Your RockStar Life is both an external and internal adventure. Our programs bring physical and emotional cleansing, exercise, community and coaching together to make women feel fabulous, respect their bodies, and find a new way of being.

Your RockStar Life is designed for YOU to open up, dream big, and create the body, relationships, career and future you want. It is a journey of self-realization, a combination of movement, super nutrition, adventure, and group coaching to create a RockStar. RockStar, of course, is a metaphor for living an amazing, kick-ass life – a life of clarity, courage, creativity and unbridled passion.

Your body is your vessel, your vehicle, your chance to bring forth your gifts to the world. It carries that smart brain and harbors your beautiful being. That body needs to be strong, fit, resilient. That brain needs to be smart, savvy, and certain. That being needs to be confident, vibrant, magnetic.

That body NEEDS a kick-butt, no-holds-barred, full-body RockStar program. A Brain-Body-Being experience that will rock your world, and transform your body and your life.

We’re about to give you an opportunity of a lifetime, RockStar! And here’s the best part…you have your Liquid Marin community as your support system…There is strength in numbers (especially female numbers!) so we are bringing RockStar Cleanse to you!!

This program is simple, invigorating, and transformative. Simple because ALL your juices are provided. You’ll enjoy invigorating outdoor hikes. And RockStar coaching is designed to create change and move you forward!

Special Pricing for Liquid Marin Community: $325

Included in the cleanse:

Evening before the start of the cleanse, we will have a hike and an introductory meeting to prepare you for the week ahead.

  • 3 days fresh, organic, cleansing juices • Daily morning energy shake
  • Cleansing Herbs & fiber shakes • Hand-crafted Cleansing Herbal Tea
  • 2 Rock Solid Hikes
  • Natural hand-crafted detoxifying bath salts
  • Support materials
  • Phone support available during the cleanse

Join us for this amazing experience!

Your RockStar Host:   Teresa Marchese

A motivator and inspirer by nature and trade, Teresa Marchese is the founder of Rock Solid Fitness and Wellness, a San Francisco based Women’s Health Club. After years of working a high powered “real job” where she got dressed up and wore high heels, Teresa went back to school and earned a law degree. The challenge of staying healthy and fit during law school motivated Teresa to start a business where it was required that she do so. The last decade has seen her become an expert in fitness, nutrition, body cleansing and detoxification, and overall wellness practices. Her goal is to empower women to lead extraordinary lives—to take their health into their own hands, and walk the world with strength, courage, power, beauty, and passion. Teresa and her programs have been featured in Health Magazine, Sunset magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, KRON 4 news in San Francisco, and