Live your life inspired…

New Things Happening at Liquid Marin:

This August, we hope to inspire you in many different ways. Let us count them…

1) Arriving this week, a new shipment of home décor and accessories from that company we love so much, but we can’t say their name shhhhhh.

2) From Melissa & Doug, activity books perfect for birthday presents or keeping the kids occupied on those long, summer road trips. Plus kickballs, stuffed animals, Whittle World wooden play sets, and bubbles! Also, a new shipment of accessories, including sun hats, baseball caps, scarves, handbags, and jewelry.

3) New “pop-up” store opening Monday, August 6th.  The current Town Center Corte Madera store will be moving from our current location to a new space in the Town Center directly across from Starbucks!  New and fabulous location!

….live life inspired!

New Things Happening at Liquid Marin:

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner!  Stay tuned to why you should travel to Liquid Marin this weekend!

Summer weather is upon us and we have a new shipment of linen sailor pants to catch the breeze. Sail in for a pair in dark olive, buttery yellow, or pale grey. For all you swim team and lap swimmers, we have new athletic one-piece and two-piece swimsuits from Nike for $38 to $42. They’ll make you swim faster.

We have been out and about on the weekends treasure-hunting for vintage goodies, add a little “something old” to your household in the way of embroidered linens, crystal goblets, a pie dish… so sweet.

Stock up on basics, delicious Victoria’s Secret cropped cotton lycra blend yoga pants for $24. We still have lots of sale Rebecca Beeson pieces, half our original price which makes them a mere fraction of the original retail.  Summer tanks and tees, bring it on.

shine on ….live life inspired

  • Online Store: In November we launched our online store.  We are starting off small. Please view our website and let me know your thoughts as I certainly welcome your feedback.
  • Community: Liquid Marin has been part of Marin’s small business community for years. We believe that it takes a village to make small businesses thrive.  We hope that every customer that walks through our doors becomes a part of what we do. That is why we are invested in building community with our business and residential neighbors, and of course, YOU. Needless to say that word of mouth has played a powerful role in building our customer base at Liquid Marin. So, start spreading the word about all of the wonderful shops, services, and food establishments in the Bay Area that you might recommend.  We are looking for businesses to promote and in particular, businesses that we believe are dynamic and effective and are looking to grow. If you have a business or know of one that wants to be on our website please contact us at:
  • Inspiration: We have added a new inspiration page to our website. Our goal in creating an inspiration section is to hopefully inspire YOU in some way.  Inspiration can be found in random places and we hope that you will view our website on a regular basis and be inspired by our content.  We will be posting music, video, and books that inspire us. We will also be searching for people within our community that give unconditionally to others and as a result make this world a better place to live. We want to seek out people that are the “unsung” heroes of our community.
  • Private Parties / Fundraisers: We are also offering private parties at our store. If you are looking to have a fun night of shopping with 20 or more of your girlfriends, please let us know. Also, if you would like to do a fundraiser at our store we would be pleased to work with you in order to create a wonderful event.